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CCH College Sponsorship Month

CCH / Covenant Children's Homes

Attending college is the final step to breaking the 
cycle of poverty in rural India.

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    Caroline Howell

    $1,500.00 / 482 days ago

    Thank you, Sean Whiting, for coming to SMCC and providing an overview of your college sponsorship program!

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    Will Best

    $300.00 / 505 days ago

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    Dana Glessner

    $125.00 monthly / 513 days ago

    Valued At: $1,500.00

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    CCH Sponsors

    $875.00 / 525 days ago

About CCH College Sponsorship Month

Committing to supporting our CCH students all the way through university is how we hope to bring community change to the villages of rural India.

To become a monthly sponsor:
  • Click Donate Now
  • Enter the monthly amount you want to give in the upper right hand corner ($125, $75, $30)
  • Check the box for "Create Recurring Transaction?"
  • Select a frequency (recurring monthly)
  • Enter your billing information
  • Click Submit
  • Await an introduction to your sponsored CCH college student! 
If you have any questions about CCH College Sponsorship, please email Sean Whiting at

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